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Image:United Church of Christ in Keene NH.jpg|<center>[[New Hampshire suyu]]</center>
Image:Congregational Church, East Brookfield VT.jpg|<center>[[Vermont suyu]]</center>
Image:Tree, Canyon de Chelly, Apache County AZ.jpg|<center>[[Arizona suyu]]</center>
Image:Main Street, Hartford CT.jpg|<center>[[Connecticut suyu]]</center>
Image:L.L. Bean Hunting and Fishing Store, Freeport ME.jpg|<center>[[Maine suyu]]</center>
Image:San Felipe de Neri Church, Albuquerque NM.jpg|<center>[[New M%C3%AFxiku suyu]]</center>
Image:Masonic Temple, Providence RI.jpg|<center>[[Rhode Island suyu]]</center>
Image:Delaware College of Art and Design, Wilmington DE.jpg|<center>[[Delaware suyu]]</center>
Image:Hartwell Tavern in October, Lincoln MA.jpg|<center>[[Massachusetts suyu]]</center>
Image:Elm Drive, Princeton University, Princeton NJ.jpg|<center>[[New Jersey suyu]]</center>