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'''English''' Hey there, I'd like to ask for a 3-month temporal admin flag. I've been talking with Ruben from Jaqi Aru(an Aymara community oriented to promote Aymara language and culture) and we have planned a series of workshops to improve the contents and community of Wikipedia in Aymara. The flag would help me to move some pages, clean up some help pages that still exist with Spanish names and create users from the same IP when necessary. I already have admin flags at es@wiki commons and a couple more. I also intend to drop the flag in three months and then let the future community choose their own admins. --[[Usuario:Alhen|Alhen]] 15:23 20 tha 2011 (UTC)
::'''Support''' // '''Apoyo'''. [[Usuario:Patricio.lorente|Patricio.lorente]] 11:27 22 tha 2011 (UTC)
::'''Support''' --[[Usuario:Kanon6996|Kanon6996]] 14:51 24 tha 2011 (UTC)
Hecho. Acceso expira en 3 meses a contar desde este momento. --[[Usuario:Dferg|Dferg]] 10:36 26 tha 2011 (UTC)