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=== Hugo.arg ===
Hello. I would like to have a temporal admin status (3 months) in Wikipedia aymara. Together with Mr. Ruben ([[User:Jaqi-aru]]) and his friends we have a plan to expand this project so it will be necesary to maintain order, edit mediawiki messages, etc. I'm currently administrator of [[:gn:|Guarani]] and [[:bat-smg:|Samogitian]] wikipedias. Thank You, <font color="Blue">*</font> [[User:Hugo.arg|<font color="Blue">Hugo</font>]] <sub>[[User talk:Hugo.arg|''<font color="DarkRed">tuqisiña</font>'']]</sub> 10:09 18 tha 2011 (UTC)
:I strongly support this petition: there are no actives admins in this Wikipedia, and Hugo.arg is a well known admin in other Wikipedias this size like [[:gn:|Guarani]]. [[Usuario:Patricio.lorente|Patricio.lorente]] 20:58 18 tha 2011 (UTC)