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== Candidaturas a bibliotecario ==
=== Kanon6917 ===
I was an admin in the Aymar Wikipedia for 4 months during 2007. I have some basic knowledge of Quechua and Aymara, and since there are no native aymara speakers, I would like to continue with some editions and translations of the interface of the wiki. I have just sent emails to some bolivians that maybe in the near future could help improving the quality of the articles, but since maybe they will be new with the interface of wikipedia, I would like to help them as an admin for the first months. Thank you!.
[[Usuario:Kanon6917|Kanon6917]] 05:32 13 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''Support'''. I'm a regular here too, but to translate the interface, you have to use [[translatewiki:]]. --[[Usuario:Diego Grez|Diego Grez]] 02:36 14 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''Support''' <font color="Blue">*</font> [[UserUsuario:Hugo.arg|<font color="Blue">Hugo</font>]] <sub>[[UserUsuario talkDiscusión:Hugo.arg|''<font color="DarkRed">tuqisiña</font>'']]</sub> 08:20 17 juy 2010 (UTC)
Done. --[[Usuario:Mav|Mav]] 23:35 7 hui 2010 (UTC)
=== Diego Grez ===
'''English''': To help out cleaning vandalism. Admin at MediaWiki.org, TranslateWiki.net, and the Wikiversity. I patrol the wiki via IRC ([irc://irc.wikimedia.org/#ay.wikipedia]) and vandals won't have a chance if I'm around. Have basic knowledge of the language. Thanks in advance. --[[Usuario:Diego Grez|Diego Grez]] 02:43 14 juy 2010 (UTC)
'''Español''': Para ayudar limpiando vandalismo. Administrador en MediaWiki.org, TranslateWiki.net y la Wikiversidad (inglés). Patrullo el wiki vía IRC ([irc://irc.wikimedia.org/#ay.wikipedia]) y los vándalos no tendrán oportunidad si estoy por ahí. Tengo conocimiento básico del idioma. Gracias de antemano. --[[Usuario:Diego Grez|Diego Grez]] 00:43 15 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''Support'''. El usuario Diego Grez se ve muy interesado por sacar adelante el proyecto su aporte sera valioso. Si deseas solicitar permiso temporal de admin haz tu solicitud tambien en MetaWiki: Permisos :)--[[Usuario:Kanon6917|Kanon6917]] 01:06 15 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''Against/Oppose'''. ('''Español''') Aunque pueda parecer que el chico trata de ayudar, no hace mucho fue bloqueado en más/menos la mitad de los proyectos, además, [http://ay.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Bibliotecarios&oldid=33547#MisterWiki esto no tiene mucho tiempo]. El renombre a nivel global, parece más una estrategia para cubrir su pasado y ocultar los problemas en los que estaba involucrado, no un intento por redimirse. El solicitar flag de bibliotecario en wikis sin muchas contribuciones (y por tanto vandalismo), no ayuda al proyecto, en realidad parece más un intento por obtener cualquier tipo de status global con el fin de lograr una reducción y/u olvidar los bloqueos que actualmente tiene en es@wiki y en@wiki. ('''English''') Although it may appear that the boy tries to help, not long ago he was blocked in more/less half of the projects, plus, [[http://ay.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Bibliotecarios&oldid=33547#MisterWiki this wasn´t long ago]. The global rename, seems more like an strategy to cover the past and hide the problems he was involved on, clearly not an attempt to redeem himself. The search for flags in certain wikis without much contributions (and therefore vandalism), doesn't help the project, really seems more like a pray to gain any kind of global status in order to achieve a reduction and/or forget the locks that he currently has on en@wiki and es@wiki. [[Usuario:Saloca|Saloca]] 08:18 16 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''Oppose'''/'''En contra''': Pienso lo mismo, no sé qué busca con la bibliotecaría teniendo en cuenta que actualmente está con bloqueos en varios proyectos y aquí mismo pidió los botones pocos meses antes, pero fueron rechazados. Lo siento, pero coleccionar flags de sysop por varias wikipedias no cambiará el hecho de su condición. De hecho su trabajo en TranslateWiki de traducir frases al español no es buena, y tienen errores ortográficos evidentes; por lo que con un idioma de mayor especialización y menos hablado como el aymará, puede representar un desafío ya que Diego no ha demostrado que pueda expresar en aymará de manera natural, salvo ayuda de algún software de traducción. --[[Usuario:Taichi|Taichi]] 08:33 16 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''Oppose''' ''(English)'': Sorry, but the user has a deep background history of blocks and other problem. He has been removed the rollbacker flag on simplewiki for misuse. Sorry, I don't trust you enough to have the sysop mop on any wmf wiki. (I'm not a regular on this wiki, thus the comment may be not that heavy weighted.) -[[Usuario:Barras|Barras]] 09:10 16 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''A favor''' '''(en)''' While he is being criticized about his actions outside the pedia, I don't think there are issues withing this scope. [[Usuario:ZooFari|ZooFari]] 17:40 16 juy 2010 (UTC)
:: And you would know [http://ay.wikipedia.org/wiki/Especial:Contribuciones/ZooFari] [[Usuario:Drini|Drini]] 02:05 17 juy 2010 (UTC)
:: And [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Steward_requests/Permissions#Diego_Grez.40aywikipedia running to meta] asking a immediate sysop '''an hour''' after the candidacy was open is fishy... at least. Why the impatience? Why not mentioning the failed cab not too long ago under a different name? [[Usuario:Drini|Drini]] 02:07 17 juy 2010 (UTC)
:::::Anyway, it's not hurry the adminship. And I know this won't succeed because of these 'voters'. And I'll have Kanon around (I hope) to ask for anything admin-related. --[[Usuario:Diego Grez|Diego Grez]] 02:22 17 juy 2010 (UTC)
::::::It is hurry since 1 hour after opening this, you wnet meta and request the sysop. Then you were told to wait a week, so it wasn't that opbvious (to you) that you shoudl've waited a week for the poll to close. That's why I point you're on a hurry to get another flag. [[Usuario:Drini|Drini]] 02:24 17 juy 2010 (UTC)
:::::::No, I'm not, and I don't really care. It was [[UserUsuario talkDiscusión:Diego Grez|suggested]] to me to do that anyway, but I repeat, I don't really care if they are granted or not and @Saloca I'm not banned on en.wiki. @Taichi I apologize for the grammar fails at the TranslateWiki. --[[Usuario:Diego Grez|Diego Grez]] 02:27 17 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''en contra'''. Tras ver tus respuestas a mi ''comentario''. [[Usuario:Drini|Drini]] 02:25 17 juy 2010 (UTC)
* '''Support'''. Well, I don't know what so bad did Diego at es.wiki and en.wiki but maybe he is truly interested to help here. Maybe let's give him second chance? I don't know what so bad he can do here. Maybe it would be better firstly give him temporal admin status (let's say for a month)? <font color="Blue">*</font> [[UserUsuario:Hugo.arg|<font color="Blue">Hugo</font>]] <sub>[[UserUsuario talkDiscusión:Hugo.arg|''<font color="DarkRed">tuqisiña</font>'']]</sub> 08:33 17 juy 2010 (UTC)
*: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Diego_Grez You're absolutely right], you can [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Diego_Grez&diff=next&oldid=341606170 only edit your UP and UT] [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User_talk:MisterWiki&oldid=355535685 <u>'''under'''</u> certain circumstances], I apologize for that. [[Usuario:Saloca|Saloca]] 04:29 19 juy 2010 (UTC)
*:: I don't like your sarcasm. However, I '''don't care''', and I ''can'' edit anything I want on my userspace, and can edit out of there with permission of my outstanding mentor. These restrictions were in place (at least) until May 31, and they will be lifted soon hopefully. --[[Usuario:Diego Grez|Diego Grez]] 04:32 19 juy 2010 (UTC)
*::: Diego I'm not being sarcastic, I'm being realistic and objective, if you don't know to elucidate between them in favor of editorial continuity, it does to strengthen my position against the implementation of the flag for you, it seem like you think that I'm attacking you, when it's not, I'm pointing out problems you've had and they should not making you even to make you reflect on where you were wrong. Saying that I'm sarcastic, and that you don't care, shows that you look the wrong side of the quarter, like if I was wrong, and belive it or not, I'm afraid that you're going to act like that with an nova/newcomer/rookie. [[Usuario:Saloca|Saloca]] 08:33 19 juy 2010 (UTC)
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